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First of all, what is Black Tap ? It's a burger and shake restaurant that was founded by Joe Isidori, a michelin star awarded cook who worked for Donald Trump's family for 5 years. Black Tap already has four restaurants in New York, one in Las Vegas and Dubai, and they're planning to open another one in Singapour. Before settling in the Asia part, the chef decided to share the Black Tap experience in Europe, and chose Geneva as the first host. He is apparently trying to convince the world that they make the best burgers. And I think they might be right.

So, after months of seeing endless instagram pictures of other people's milkshakes and big fat burgers, I finally got to go there myself !

The place was full, and the line pretty big. They don't do reservations, which is kind of a no no for me usually. Anyways, we waited for about an hour to get a table for three. But it was worth the wait. The design is super cool, there are tags all over the walls, the black leather benches are super comfy, and the atmosphere feels really young and cheerful. The music, nearly only american hip hop with loud beats, was actually too loud, almost deafening really. It was hard to have a proper conversation, which is clearly not the best way to go in a restaurant.

The food was absolutely amazing. I've never eaten a burger that good in my whole life. I had The Californian, with a turkey steak, guacamole, swiss cheese and truffle mayo. The meat is of very high quality, I had never tried turkey steak before and it's worth the try really. It was juicy, the flavour was unbelievable, and I was stunned by the thickness of it. The truffle mayo gave a good and sweet taste to the burger. And the buns were as sweet and fluffy as they could get. I think they almost beat the Shake Shack ones.

The menu offers a choice of 12 different burgers, tacos, sandwiches but also salads and apetizing sides. They also serve sweet potato fries and onion rings. Yay !

For the burgers, the range of price is between 20 and 39 francs, the most expensive ones being the Greg Norman with wagyu beef and the The Bison burger. They also have a veggie one with a black bean patty, and gluten free buns if you ask them.

Although we didn't have one, the main attraction obviously was the shakes. Oreo, cookie, vanilla cake, cherry, peanut butter, you name it. They look absolutely awesome. A father came with his two boys who both ordered a milkshake that was bigger than the size of their head. No really it's impressive. The size, the amount of whipped cream, the biscuits and chocolate were almost overflowing. It looks like heaven. As the price is quite expensive (the cheapest one is 15 francs), I decided to come another time to try these babies out and write a review just for them. I think they deserve it.

So overall this was a really great culinary and fat getting experience. I'll definitely come back again. Congrats on having the guts to open in Geneva, when the trend is growing for vegan restaurants and ecological and responsible food - which is also great I won't deny.

Thank you for bringing a little of America's delusions of grandeur in here !

Their website :

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